Create care plans that detail the precise tasks agreed for each care visit

How it works... Coordinating and delivering first-class care

All the essential tools to keep you delivering the highest standard of care, ensuring Clients are confident about the care received, and that all care is delivered responsibly by the appropriately qualified Care Worker.

  • RosterPlus ensures preferred Carers are allocated to Clients
  • Customisable support plan, matching your business requirements
  • Ensures your staff are only caring with the appropriate qualifications
  • E-MAR charts, ensuring no mistake is made with medication.

A day in the life of... Lorraine, Care Provider

6:00am: Christian called in sick, Lorraine immediately needed to find a suitable care worker to cover his visits.

Lorraine un-allocates Christian’s visits for the day and marks him as absent due to sickness.

Lorraine then uses the system to find a suitable replacement for Christian, taking into account factors such as; Care Worker distance from visits, number of recent visits, journey time to location, and their weekly hours target.

Lorraine chooses Jamie to cover and allocates Christian’s visits to him. Lorraine then sends an e-mail to Jamie through the system confirming his new schedule. Jamie can also view the change to his schedule on his mobile in real time, through his MWS (Mobile Workforce Solution) application..

Terry calls in to request holiday. Lorraine authorises Terry’s holiday making him unavailable for work during the requested dates.

Lorraine then must go to a client’s home to review and sign off a risk assessment that had been completed due to hazards being identified. She uses her tablet to carry out this task in the Service Users home.